Villa  Paterakis           ...the dream of  Crete

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The house has two floors, the first floor is not for rent. The first floor and second floor has everything separately.
The top apartment of 122 sqm is for rent. Private entrance and an incredible private garden of 700 sqm. with grass, flowers, garden furniture and a large private swimming pool at 8 meters. From the to balconys you can Enjoy the beautiful view over the Mediterranean and Chania coast. The property is in good-high standard with new furniture and newly renovated bathroom.

Rent Villa Paterakis

Stay in a lovley house in the idyllic village Astratigos with a Fantastic view and a lagre private pool. Experience something new this holiday, experience the real Crete.

See "About" for price and more useful information of property.

The property is located in a small idyllic village called Astratigos in the mountains above the old fishing town Kolimbari located west of Crete.

       Emilie & Nikos Paterakis